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♡Squee | 18 | Female | Bi-curious (preference is men) | Unavailable | Atheist♡

I Don't Tolerate Pricks by ZakuFox-KunFAZ CLAN BADGE by AskTheFazzoI'm nice online, unless you piss me off by TheArtOfNotLikingYouBi-Curious Stamp. by KleeAStrangeew gross no by marshmallowcookiwolfDisorder Stamp by 13ulbasaurStamp- Depression by Dametoradev stamp by pukingpastillesbutt lightning by Dametora55 by hydropompstop assuming i'm sjw stamp by takashinatsume

Their art is sUPER CUTE omfg (in completely random order)
If I removed your icon tell me cause I'm trying to keep my page short >.<;;

Chicken nuggets I know irl


You ask me for sexual pictures (I'll also laugh at your lack of a dick :3)
You block evade me
You make call-out journals about me
You send me death/rape threats
You steal my art
You're an underaged little twat who won't stop bothering me

Also comments are disabled on all my stamps cause people like to fight in my stamps :/
(also it's less feedback for me)


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